2005 Results

Daytona 200- 2005

Another year with big changes as AMA makes the Daytona 200 a Formula Extreme 600cc class. For Ricky to continue accumulating miles in the prestigious Daytona event a new bike was in order. Long time friend Bob Fier assembled a team with the help of Rocky Mountain Kawasaki.

As typical with a new model everything came together at the last minute. On the first day of practice at Daytona everyone’s worse fear came true. Five laps into practice Ricky was down in the chicane. He was ok, but not the shiny Fier/RMK Kawasaki ZX6. After a trip back to the pits in the safety truck, Marvin and crew started repairing the damage. Day two of practice unfortunately brought the same results with Ricky crashing in the international horseshoe. This was far from typical for Ricky and the team was searching for answers. Suspension technician Marcus Mcbain suggested measuring the frame, only to find it out of factory spec. While Jon Glaefke and Jim Clark drove to Ft Lauderdale and back to have the frame corrected, qualifing was up. Les Gerber loaned Ricky his bike for the session. As expected Ricky rode cautiously to a forty sixth position on the grid. Back on the Fier /RMK ZX6 for the start of the Daytona 200, Ricky was concerned about racing on a bike he had not tested since the repair. As the light went green Ricky slowly started to pick up the pace. While Marvin and crew performed quick pit stops, of which one was caught by the Speed Channel camera’s and Ricky’s confidence grew, the running position‘s continued to drop.

With twenty laps to go the team was overjoyed that they were incredibly in tenth place! Now with only a hand full of laps to go Marvin noticed a puff of smoke. With six laps left, the head gasket let go ending all hope for another great comeback finish for the Fier/RMK team.

The rest of the season…

was more typical with a lot less drama. Ricky competed in the AMA National 600 supersport class at Fontana, Pike’s Peak and Laguna Seca with his best finish, a twelfth place at Pike’s Peak At home Ricky competed in a handful of the Motorcycle Roadracing Series. With two wins and consist podium finishes he was top ten in both the Race of the Rockies GTU and 600 Superbike classes for year end.

Many thanks go out to Bob Fier, Rocky Mountain Kawasaki, Marvin Rosencrans, Dunlop Tires, Arai Helmets, Dainese Leathers, EBC Brakes, Hindle Exhaust, Lockhart Phillips, 1 Tail.com, Bel Ray Oil, Dr. Hannagan, Factory Pro, HO Motorsports, Cycle Cinch and Marcus Mcbain

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